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What is a Non-prep Veneer?

Crooked, chipped, heavily stained tooth can be easily revamped with non-prep veneers. These shell-liked ceramic overlays designed to perfect your smile line and give back your confidence.

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Prices for a Ceramic Non-prep veneer

Prices for a Ceramic Non-prep veneer: 650 – 850 $

Why veneers?

When it comes to perfecting an esthetic smile, veneers are knowned for being strong, completely resistant to stains, metal-free and incredibly thin (about as thick as a fingernail) . The cutting-edge, most expensive veneers are so realistic, they allow light to shine through, which gives the laminate an incredibly realistic look that is also quite attractive.

Where expertise is an rudimental element?

Veneers are a permanent procedure, and not an inexpensive one. While they can give you a world-class smile, they must be appli properly and by careful professionals; otherwise, there can be real complications when the veneers don’t settle in correctly or irritate the gums.

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