Our Office

We are a group of perfectionists, overachievers, fun seekers and empathetic humans driven by the goal of creating a kind, open and empowered culture that allows you to be proactive about your oral health. We’ve thought about every detail of your visit so you don’t have to. We will work hard, but want it to feel effortless.

Combining the best new technology, with great design and a warm friendly staff, we’ve created a friction-less experience that allows us to focus on what matters most – you and your comfort. We promise that each visit will be personalized, clear, and inspiring. Every time.

“We believe in a quality driven approach –

from our warm and friendly staff to Ho Chi Minh

City’s finest dentists. Quality

creates long lasting relationships – and

thats what’s important to us.”


CEO/Founder of German Dental Clinic

Mrs. Betty Duong

Betty Duong was born in Vietnam, moved to Germany when she was six years old. After living in Germany for more than 20 years, she was back to Vietnam and found that there was an oppotunity to develop the dentistry in Vietnam. In 2012, she ran her business under the name German International Dental Clinic or GID – the first German Dental Clinic in Vietnam. In 2017, the company name was changed into German Dental Clinic (GDC) until now.

With a huge devotion to bring advanced dental technologies and services from Germany to the homeland Vietnam, she always finds ways to make her clients pleasant at every visits by her well-trained staffs and professional dentists.

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Managing Partner & Periodontist

Dr. Vincent Nguyen

Specialization: Periodontal surgery,  Implantology, Veneers & Crowns.
Years of experience: 12 years
Languages: Vietnamese and English.

Dr. Vincent is one of the first Vietnamese dentists who worked for the German Dental Clinic since 2009. Dr. Vincent had the opportunity to work with dental experts in Germany, the USA, and in Europe. Additionally, Dr. Vincent is well trained in many clinical practices in Vietnam as well.

Dr. Vincent’s hobby is traveling. For doctors, traveling is a great way to explore new life and cultures. In addition, doctors often participate in volunteer activities, especially in the dental field. Since 2008, Dr. Vincent has been a member of the WHA (World Health Ambassador – International Medical Relief Team) and other volunteer groups with the mission of providing free dental treatment for the poor & less fortunate people in Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Saint Lucia, and in Grenadines.

In the next volunteer plan, Dr. Vincent and his team are preparing for voluntary trips in Bhutan, Myanmar…

Associate Dentist

Dr. Hieu Ta

Dr. Hieu accomplished his degree of Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (D.M.D) through a rigorous medical and dental curriculum from Debrecen University, Hungary. After practicing and working as a dentist at Debrecen Hospital, Dr. Hieu proudly joined GDC team, he always committed to providing the best dental care to all of his patients.

Dr. Hieu is specialized in cosmetic dentistry including dental Veneers, and Orthodontic treatment. Dr. Hieu always pays attention to every little details to provide the finest dental quality for his patients. He continuously keeps up to date with all researches and new technical methods.

Beside from his specialized work, his hobbies are traveling to experience new culture and to meet people around the world. It is common statement as a hobby, but to Dr. Hieu it is not a common statement, because it is something that helps him not only growth in his career. But also his personal experiences with life around him.

German Dental Clinic Staffs

Our Family

How we describe our company culture:

  • Friendly: Our employees engage with one another in a positive way throughout the workday.
  • Challenging: Indicates that we are encouraged to explore the full potential of our skill sets, and that we’re likely to grow through the job experience.
  • Motivating: The company is inspiring, and our employees will feel compelled to work hard.
  • Engaging: Our employees will feel invested in their work because it speaks to their interests.
  • Nurturing: Conveys that the company is invested in employees’ growth and development.
  • Collaborative: Signifies our employees and teams will work well together cross-functionally to accomplish all goals.
  • Autonomous: Expresses our employees are trusted to have ownership over their work and that they have individual power to improve results.