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Professional cleaning and polishing

Fresh breath, a pleasantly clean feeling in the mouth and brilliant white teeth – When you are taken care by our dental hygienists you are finally rid of all the plague that your toothbrush at home can not cope.

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Prices for Professional teeth cleaning airflow polishing

Prices for Professional teeth cleaning airflow polishing: 23 – 45 $

Healthy Teeth

Plaque through food, coffee, tea, nicotine and red wine or stubborn tartar are no problem for our professional dental cleaning and dental hygiene.

Using ultrasound, polishing paste and powder jet we will make your teeth sparkling – for a fresh breath, a bright white smile and especially for healthy teeth and healthy gums. Experience the beautiful feeling of properly clean teeth.

No matter whether you visit us in the dental practice in Lörrach or in the dental clinic in Waldshut – your teeth are in good hands with us. We use the highest quality materials to sustainably protect your teeth through regular dental hygiene.

Dental hygiene as a perfect match

Particularly important is the professional cleaning is the way in  implants . Here, the plaque (plaque) must be removed regularly and thoroughly to prevent a periodontal disease. Because even high-quality implants do not grow together as complex with the bone as a real tooth. But even for the elderly, children who   wear braces and persons with sensitive gums, a regular tooth cleaning at the dentist is important.


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Proper brushing and proper nutrition

After professional teeth cleaning, we’ll tell you how to best care for your teeth at home, which toothbrushes are best for your teeth, which toothpaste contains the right fluoride, if flossing or interdental brushing is better, and whether an electric toothbrush or a regular toothbrush will clean it better.

We also tell you which foods are dangerous to your teeth and what foods you should use a dental gum or a mouthwash solution. You will be amazed what there is to discover about proper dental care.

Procedure of professional teeth cleaning

Already at the beginning of the cleaning, our employees examine the mucous membranes and the tooth substance for changes. This can be, for example, an early degradation of the tooth substance by crunching or frequent consumption of nuts. Thereafter, the pocket depths of the teeth are measured and the unattainable for the toothbrush deposits gently removed with ultrasound. Through special hand tools, our employees also reach older, under the gums sitting tartar. In the next step, the tooth surfaces are cleaned and smoothed using the so-called Airflow with a tasteless powder. In contrast to common salts, the powder consists of small balls that protect the tooth surfaces, ceramics and implants. The Airflow procedure also makes it possible to thoroughly remove plaque and discoloration in hard-to-reach areas such as niches and grooves on the tooth surface and crown margins.

The subsequent polish is an additional fine-smoothing of the teeth. Bacteria, plaque and tartar thus find fewer points where they can adhere. The clean feel of professional teeth cleaning lasts much longer due to the polish.

Preparation of the professional dental cleaning and dental hygiene

To prepare the cleaning, the teeth are stained, so that plaque and any damaged areas are clearly visible. It is largely unknown that plaque is also formed on ceramics and on the edge of crowns, which attacks the healthy teeth.

Our dental hygienists and prophylaxis helpers also see if you brush your teeth with the right pressure and toothbrush. Thus, electric toothbrushes can cause trauma to the gums if they have too big a head or if they oscillate too much.

Danger from dental plaque: tooth decay and periodontal disease

Plaque is the major risk factor for decay (tooth decay) and periodontal disease (gum disease with bone loss). The plaque contains millions of dangerous bacteria that cause inflammation of the gums and bone around the tooth. Sugary foods are converted by the bacteria into acid, which attacks the enamel and thus leads to tooth decay (caries, “holes”).

Not everything that tastes good, is good for your teeth

Did you know that the popular apple spritzer and flavored water are not for your teeth? Many drinks contain acids without which we are aware. Before the first professional cleaning, our staff will explain how tooth decay occurs. A brief dietary advice helps prevent dental disease. Small changes in eating habits can help to preserve the enamel and thus the natural protection of the teeth for many years.

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