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Teeth Whitening

Bright and radiant teeth look very friendly and attractive. Over the last few years, the desire for lighter teeth has become more widespread and “white” teeth are almost standard for a well-groomed appearance.

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Prices for whitening

Office bleaching for both jaws: 200 $

Home bleaching including splint + whitening gel: 110 $

The external influences

Coloring plaque through coffee, tea or nicotine can be well and effectively eliminated by a tooth cleaning with a gentle polish. In many people, however, the natural tooth color under the plaque is colored yellowish or greyish by pigments in the tooth substance. In such cases, a dental bleaching is the right treatment option.

For a nice smile

For the production of a bleaching splint, an impression of the row of teeth is made, with which the dental technician then produces the splint. After a few days, you will receive the finished splint and the medical whitening gel and can start using it. Plastic fillings on the teeth and crowns or bridges can not be lightened by bleaching. However, these can be replaced in the new tooth color after the natural teeth have been lightened. In this way, you can safely and effectively achieve the desired whitening of your teeth – for an even more beautiful smile.

Effective method

In a bleaching discolored pigments are removed by a bleaching gel and the teeth are permanently “brighter” from the inside. These bleachings are harmless to the teeth with gentle professional use. Bleaching is most effective with a custom-made splint that supports the whitening gel and is worn over several hours. In this way the teeth can be bleached slowly. The splint can be used until the desired result has been achieved. This procedure is much gentler and yet much more effective than a so-called “power bleaching” in the dentist’s chair, in which the teeth are bleached very quickly and aggressively by means of an activation lamp or a laser.

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